[PDF] God Makes the Rivers to Flow

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God Makes the Rivers to Flow Product Detail:

  • Publisher : Nilgiri Press
  • Release : 26 November 2022
  • ISBN : 9781586380380
  • Page : 334 pages
  • Rating : 3/5 from 1 voters

God Makes the Rivers to Flow Book Summary/Review:

Eknath Easwaran taught spiritual living for nearly 40 years and drew deep, ongoing inspiration from the sacred literature of all traditions — the great river of wisdom that is always flowing throughout the world. The 149 short extracts in this anthology come from the much-loved saints, sages, and scriptures of the Christian, Hindu, Sufi, Jewish, Native American, Buddhist, and Taoist traditions. These passages can be read for daily inspiration, for their insights into other spiritual traditions, for the light they throw on how to live, for the sustenance they offer when we feel sad or tired, and for the deep transformation they can bring in Easwaran’s method of passage meditation. Rich supporting material includes stories from India, detailed background notes, suggestions for memorization and for studying the texts in practices such as lectio divina from the Christian tradition, and instruction in using these texts in passage meditation.