DMCA – Intellectual Property is a search engine for PDF, EPUB and DOC documents. It is a Public Library. The books shown here have been found on the web, in public domain pages, using our own crawler we have indexed and organized them to facilitate their access to readers. Other books have been shared by users who love reading and freedom of knowledge.

There are hundreds of thousands of books that are in the public domain, some because they always were and others because they have become so over the years. The release of the works will depend on the country and its legislation. Yes, the subject of copyright can be very confusing. For example, in Argentina and El Salvador, a work enters the public domain seventy years after the author’s death. On the other hand, in Spain, the time that has to pass between the death of the writer and his incorporation into the public domain is eighty years; while in the Dominican Republic, Panama and Uruguay is fifty years old.

At the same time that we defend the freedom of knowledge exchange, we respect intellectual property rights and current international laws. Many writers send us their works and request us to be published for free, from many others we receive a written consent for free publication. If your literary or research work has been shared in or has been indexed by our web document search engine AND YOU DO NOT AGREE, you only have to write requesting its removal and we will do so within 48 hours: Contact form.

In you can find documents in PDF, EPUB, DOC, DJVU format found on the Web, these documents, files or books have also been found using Google Document Search and YAHOO BOOKS API [obsolete], you can find them by doing a search manual with that Google tool. In that same section we mention in a “LEGAL NOTE” the sources [websites] where these documents were found and are hosted. NO, ABSOLUTELY NO file or ebook is hosted on our server as can be technically and legally verified. serves only as a search engine for books similar to Google and as Google does, we respond to authors’ claims by eliminating any publication claimed under “copyright infringement” or “intellectual property infringement”. In we search, find, organize and make available to users the materials found through their ORIGIN LINKS. DOES NOT SELL BOOKS OR PROFIT WITH THE WORK OF WRITERS. We charge some users a small membership fee to maintain our own server and keep the web platform up to date among other manual maintenance tasks and thus maintain our project to promote culture and knowledge. We also place under each book a link to through which the user can go to buy the printed book.

We are not responsible for the legality in the field of copyright of indexed, displayed and / or shared materials since no file is protected with DRM (Digital Rights Management) being impossible to determine digitally if a book is subject to Copyright, therefore we respond one by one to claims made directly to our website by manually removing the infringing material within 48 hours after receiving the claim.

If you are an EDITORIAL or an author and you want us to remove some literature from this public library, send us an individual link to each book of which you own the copyright and we will eliminate them as stipulated by the international laws within 48 hours.